Fire Pro Wrestling 1 / Fire Pro Wrestling A
Game Boy Advance

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Title Screen
Made by Spike Corporation
Game Information
ReleasedMarch 21, 2001 (JP)
June 10, 2001 (U.S.)
SystemGame Boy Advance
Memory CardVaries
# of Players1-2
Game Modes One Night Match
Victory Road
Gruesome Fighting
Audience Match
Survival Mode
Open League
One Night Tournament
Elimination Match
4 Man Battle Royale
Wrestler Edit (Create-A-Wrestler)
Organization Edit
Group Edit
Screen Shots 21 (Courtesy of Otaku2255)
One Night Match Setup Options
Main Menu

One Night Match Menu

One Night Match Screen

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.'s)
Firepro A/1 General FAQChained Angel0.117kb
Affinity Level FAQCybertranz0.128kb
Audience Mode FAQgbomber1.018kb
CPU Logic FAQgbomber1.115kb
Critical Moves List.TERRA Rising0.339kb
Edit Mode FAQ/a>Chilly McFreeze1.417kb
Edit Mode Head ListBDahlstrom3.011kb
Edit Wrestler GuideCybertranzFinal239kb
Fake-to-Real Name GuideCrazyMax1.010kb
Head Conversions FAQBiohazardandTsukino2.054kb
Move ListBoco316.9532kb
Referee FAQCybertranz0.15kb
Restoring/Renaming FAQE.S.BobSlack.7529kb
Specialty/Finisher ListPuroGeek1.040kb
Translation GuideIceMaster1.044kb
Wrestler Restoring GuideChilly McFreeze0.629kb
Team Select Screen
Wrestler Edit Main Screen
Wrestler Edit Options Screen
Moves Select Screen

Community Support (Links)
Fire Pro Creations - Run by BiohazardandTsukino

Creation page that currently has 300+ creations made specifically for the Game Boy Advance FPWs
Fire Pro United! - Run by Otaku2255

Fire Pro United! bringing you Otaku's Edits as well as misc. community Edits. Combined with Otaku's FPW2 Edits. Many Edits from many areas. Open to requests
Fire Pro America - Run by Haddes911

Fire Pro America! is one of the longest running sites for edits the Fire Pro series on the Gameboy Advance (Fire Pro Wrestling A, Final Fire Pro Wrestling, and Fire Pro Wrestling). Since 2001
Re-Costume Screen
Rename Screen
Edit Abilities
Edit CPU Logic

Secret Codes
Unlock All Characters
Go to EDIT mode, then NAME ENTRY and Enter this as follows
Nick Name: ALL
Last Name (On the Left): STYLE
First Name (On Right): CLEAR
Exchange: Off
Middle: Leave Blank

Now press start than hit B until you are out of the EDIT mode and on the Main Menu.

And here's how to store the code in hte system memory, cause by default it won't.

Now go to Audience Mode, then Start a new Game or Load a previous game. Now Press start then choose Save. Overwrite any data if your prompted. Now exit the mode. Now all the hiddens should be saved into the system memory.
Contributed By: Twist Of Fate HB
Color Edit

One Night Tourney Bracket
Skill Select Screen

Skill Select Screen 2
Edit Fight Style Screen
Memory Management Screen
Cage Fighting Screen
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